Iranian industrial wastewater treatment system in Chinese market

In recent years, electrochemical methods for various processes of water and wastewater treatment and environmental protection have been used and among the electrochemical purification methods, the Electrooxidation method can remove a wide range of different pollutants such as heavy metals and various anions and suspended oily droplets and organic compounds

In this method, the coating of metal nanooxides is used to improve the Electrooxidation process, which, by forming metal hydroxides, polymers and monomers with pollutants, creates a clot and allows them to easily settle or float.

Accordingly, an Iranian nanotechnology company has succeeded in designing and manufacturing an industrial waste water treatment system with Electrooxidation technology, which will put the technology in the list of its products.

The product, which has been announced as a successful product of the 11th Nano Technology Festival and Exhibition, has been exported to China.