Iran is paradise for foreign investment: CBI official

Vice-governor of economic affairs at Iran's Central Bank Peyman Ghorbani said Iran is a paradise for domestic and foreign investment.
Ghorbani stated that Iran has been negotiating with banks and insurance companies all across the world, adding all talks have been satisfactory so far.
“The most significant issue for the Central Bank of Iran and also for the growth of investment is creating peace and stability, “Ghorbani said at the international exhibition on stock exchange, banking, insurance and privatization.
He stated that inflation rate has decreased significantly due to the efforts made by the CBI, noting it has been decreased to 8.7 percent this year.
According to the reports, inflation rate reached 40 percent in 2014.
Referring to foreign investment in Iran, he continued Iran is a paradise for those who want to make an investment in it.
International exhibition on stock exchange, banking, insurance and privatization is held with the aim of preparing the ground for the active presence of Iranian and foreign entrepreneurs as well as boosting economic ties between Iranian and foreign companies and institutions.