China will continue importing oil from Iran: Hung Li

Beijing, June 22, IRNA – Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Hung Li, said that China will continue to buy Iran’s oil which is based on international law and does not violate any international law.

Hung made the comments in a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.
Referring to the fact that China is not obliged to pursue the internal regulation of the US, the Chinese diplomat noted that Beijing needs importing oil from Iran for its economic development and this something quite rational and legitimate.
Asked whether China will reduce its oil import from Iran under US pressures, Hung pointed out that we have said several times before that China will not succumb to such pressures.
“Importing oil from Iran by China is neither against the interests of any third country not it contradicts the international regulations,” he added.
According to the latest statistics issued by Chinese Customs Administration, China’s import of oil from Iran varies between 400,000 to 635,000 barrels per day.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) also predicted that China’s crude oil import from Iran would increase in the second half of 2012.
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