Iran to build wind farm in Pakistan


An Iranian company has signed a 100-million-dollar contract to construct a 1,000-megawatt wind power plant in Pakistani province of Sindh.

The contract was inked in a meeting between Iran's commercial counselor in Karachi, Ahmad Fasihi, and members of Pakistan's Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Fars News Agency reported on Friday.

SANIR, a company affiliated to the Iranian Energy Ministry, will construct the plant in collaboration with a Pakistani private company.

During the meeting, Fasihi underlined that Iranian companies can help Pakistan in constructing railroads, bridges, housing complexes and dams.

Iran has great potentials in technical and engineering services and can help Pakistan launch power plants, he added.

Iran is the only Middle Eastern country who can construct wind turbines, and has been experiencing a growth in wind power generation in recent years.

Chairman of the Pakistan-Iran Business Council of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Tariq Sayeed, said in the meeting that due to a 45-percent rise in bilateral transactions, the trade volume between the two countries will exceed USD 1 billion in the current year.

Pakistan suffers from lack of energy resources. In mid June Iran signed a major long-term gas export contract with Pakistan.

Under the 7.5-billion-dollar contract, Iran will transfer 750 million cubic feet of gas per day for 25 years starting as of 2014, once the Pakistani section of the pipeline is completed.

The volume can increase to one billion cubic feet per day and the contract can be extended for five additional years.