Iran ranks 1st in global registration of products in 2018

He named the made investments in steel and petrochemical sectors as the main reason for the achieved positive balance of trade.

Under President Rouhani, Iran experienced positive balance of trade in Iranian calendar year 1394 (March 2015-16). It was the country’s first-ever positive trade balance as of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Registering an increase of 4.34 percent, Iran preserved its trade balance positive for the second consecutive year in 1395. In 1396, the figure declined to minus $7.4 billion but in 1397, it went back to positive trajectory standing at $1.7 billion.

He made the announcement late on Saturday and reiterated, “with the registration of 18 export products of the country, the ministry managed to stand at the first rank in the world in the field of registration of products.”

Turning to the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), he said, “in addition, the ministry is going to establish cooperation with Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) for the registration of 10 mineral products of the country in international arena.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mir-Salehi referred to some programs of this Office and added, “ratification of a bylaw to support industrial ownership is followed up in the Parliament strictly.”

With regard to some UNIDO’s programs in the Islamic Republic of Iran, he stated, “implementation of fisheries project is underway in Chabahar port using most modern technologies, observing requirements of international standards.”

Generation of employment opportunities in Iran is the another project which is followed up by UNIDO in the country, he said, adding, “in addition, UNIDO has invested $2 million for helping improve startups in the country.”