Iran's Non-Oil Trade With Asia-Pacific States Exceed $3.4 Billion

Iran traded 8.46 million tons of non-oil commodities worth $3.46 billion with the member states of United Nations’ Asia-Pacific region during the first Iranian month (March 21-April 20) to register a 3.29% rise in tonnage and 16.71% decrease in value compared with last year’s same month.

Latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show Iran’s exports totaled 7.46 million tons worth $2.12 billion during the month, indicating a 1.65% growth in tonnage and 22.94% decline in value year-on-year.

Imports stood at 1 million tons worth $1.33 billion, up 17.37% in tonnage and down 4.34% in value YOY.