Iran Moves Up 13 Places in Global Entrepreneurship Index

The 2018 edition of Global Entrepreneurship Index, a composite indicator of the health of entrepreneurship ecosystem, has ranked Iran 72nd out of a total list of 137 countries and 11th out of 14 in the Middle East and North Africa region.
Iran’s standing has improved 13 notches globally and three spots regionally compared with 2017.
The country's GEI score of 26.8% marks the fifth biggest gain globally compared with last year’s 22.1%, reported.
GEI, compiled by US-based The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, measures both the quality of entrepreneurship and the extent of support for entrepreneurs. It identifies 14 components important for the health of entrepreneurial ecosystems and data needed to capture each, and uses this data to calculate three levels of scores for a given country: the overall GEI score, scores for individuals and institutions, and pillar level scores (which measure the quality of each of the 14 components).