Iran-China exchange volume hits $ 37b

Moreover, the exchanges were 69,700,000 tons in weight last year, Iran ambassador to China Ali Asghar Khaji said on Friday.
The exchange volume was up 7,300,000 tons to the value of $4b which means a growth of 20.4 percent, he added.
Iran and China had good relations in the areas of economy, oil and non-oil exports and imports in 2017, he added.
Iran exports to China was 60 million tons worth 18.5 billion dollars in 2017, Khaji said.
He went on to say that the figure showed 12.56 percent growth in weight and 25.2 percent in value compared with the fiigures for the same period the year before.
Referring to oil sector, he said that Iran oil exports reached 628,000 barrels per day in 2016-2017.
In January 2018, 754,145 barrels per day oil exchanges were recorded.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Khaji said Iran exported 28,900,000 tons non-oil products worth 6.7 billion dollars in 2017 which had 21percent growth in weight and 22.5 percent in value.

Last Updated (Saturday, 17 March 2018 12:11)