President Rouhani: Iran welcomes huge investments

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with ambassadors and heads of foreign diplomatic mission and other foreign organizations residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The message of the Islamic Revolution is not expansionism, but it seeks independence and avoiding letting others to interfere in the country's affairs while calling for establishing a just and fair relation with the international community, President Rouhani said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran could be regarded as an entrance for the Middle East to a new paradigm, he added.

There is a huge gap between the countries possessing hi-tech, big and advanced factories in industries and countries with ample of natural resources and under such circumstances new relations between the advanced world and under developed countries have been created which is unfair and unjust.

Industrial countries seize natural resources in developing countries with an unfair price and re-export their industrial products with an unfair price to those countries which is the route cause of colonialism and exploitations, he said.

The message of the Islamic Revolution is independence, non-interference of aliens and establishment of a just and fair relation with the international community, he said.

He referred to various reasons preventing the countries in the Middle East region to join the global economic chain as lack of security, presence and interferences of big powers in the region, bullying of Zionist regime in the past 70 years, President Rouhani said.

There are some 12 million educated people and some four million others are now continuing higher education studies which can play significant role in the new paradigm, he said.