Exports of Iranian industrial, mining products grow significantly

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s export in petrochemical sector and petroleum-based materials in some products and markets has grown between 10 to 100 percent during the first seven months of the current fiscal year (started March 21).
For example, the export of propane, butane, methanol and industrial oils, detergents and resins to Iraqi market, polymeric raw materials to Turkish and Indian markets and cosmetics products to Iraqi and Afghan markets have grown significantly.
In mining and mineral industries, the export of iron ore and sanitary ware and uncut stones to Iraqi market, long steel products, ceramic tiles and glass of buildings to Pakistani, Afghan and Iraqi markets, steel and zinc ingots to Indian and Turkish markets, building stones to Turkish market and iron core and concentrate and zinc and concentrate to Chinese market have recognized an increase between 10 to 200 percent.
In metal artifacts and home appliance, the export of refrigerator to Tajikestan and Afghanistan, gas appliances to Iraq, Italy and Afghanistan, wires and cables to Afghanistan and sanitary fittings to Syria and Afghanistan have increased between 5 to 90 percent during the mentioned period.
Iran's exports to some countries in the textile sector have also increased from 8 to 300 percent which including the export of hand-woven carpet to Germany, Japan and the United States markets, clothing and footwear to Iraq and Azerbaijan, leather to the Indian and Italian markets and machine woven carpet to the Iraqi and Turkmen markets.