WCO: Iran's Customs Office successful world model

Tehran, Nov 11, IRNA – Secretary General of World Customs Organization (WCO) Kunio Mikuriya described Iran's measures in launching Single Window for Cross-Border Trade and Electronic Customs as 'remarkable' and described it as an appropriate model for other countries.
Mikuriya made the remarks in a meeting with Governor of Iran's Customs Office here on Saturday.

He called Iran's Customs Office one of the most successful organizations in WCO and by admiring function of it in the past several years, said that Iran's Customs Office has created noticeable developments in information technologies, so the WCO wants to use these experiences for other members.

Mikuriya, who is here for a 2-day visit to consider ways for development process and progress of Customs Office, said that development process of Iran's Customs Office is so effective for me, because in year 2004 I was acquainted with Iran's CO outlooks and now I witness your success in implementing the goals'.

Iran designed and executed single window very comprehensive and wide, while many other members have still problems with this process, he said.

Secretary General of WCO Kunio Mikuriya arrived in Tehran on Saturday morning and met with Iran's ex-governor of Customs Office Masoud Karbasian, who is now minister of Economy and Finance.

Mikuriya is to hold consultations with Head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture as well.

He is to visit Iran's progress in the fields of Electronic Customs and capabilities of comprehensive custom system and single window for cross-border trade in Iran.

Mikuriya is scheduled to visit Iran's Customs Office's achievements in the section of fight against drug trafficking and goods smuggling as well as participating in the inaugural ceremony for the center to train sniffer dogs.

According to the evaluation of WCO, Iran has the best world Customs in fight against drug trafficking and ranks second in the world in fight against goods smuggling.