News & Reports News Year 2010 November , 2010 'Pakistan committed to pipeline deal'

'Pakistan committed to pipeline deal'

Islamabad says it has no plans to withdraw from the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project and stop natural gas imports from Iran.
Pakistan's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit has announced the country has no intention of pulling out of the deal and stopping gas imports from the South Pars field in southern Iran, Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

Pakistan's energy shortage crisis is expected to get more severe in the years to come, and the country needs to import more energy, especially natural gas.

The pipeline through which Iran is to export natural gas will run all the way from South Pars to India via Pakistan. This comes as Turkmenistan, too, is to export natural gas to Pakistan and India through Afghanistan. The project is supported by Western countries, especially the United States.

Basit further underlined that the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is of great significance to Islamabad.

He highlighted that the project is instrumental in Pakistan's economic development, adding that the country is facing severe energy shortage as well.

The Pakistani spokesperson pointed out that UN sanctions do not apply to the pipeline project.Under the deal, Iran is to export 740 million cubic feet of natural gas to Pakistan annually.

The pipeline becomes operational in 2013.