News & Reports News Year 2013 March 2013 China's national conference table was held in Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCCI)

China's national conference table was held in Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCCI)

China's National Conference Table with business organizations, businessmen, industrialists, members of the Iran-China  Chamber of Commerce and  Industries was held on the purpose of discussing trade issues facing entrepreneurs and businessmen in the meeting with Asadollah Asgaroladi, President of  ICCCI, Guo Chuanwei,Economic Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Iran, Reza Tofiqi, Deputy  Director of Marketing and Business Assistance Development on 3rd of March, 2013.
Asgaroladi, the President of ICCCI appreciating  the Chinese Embassy and Economic & Commercial Counsolate  measures in promoting  trade relations  between two countries and fascilitating  Chinese and Iranian businessmen  affairs  reiterated that ICCCI  put its whole efforts to increase the volume of trade exchanges to more than US$50 billion in 2014.
" Since 2010  the stategy of ICCCI focused on the development of non-oil exports  to China  as well as Chinese investment in Iran. Attending Chinese exhibitions such as Expo 2010 and investment forums are some of  such measures, He continued.
Asgaroladi, referring to China being the world biggest economy in world trade in 2012  emphasized that Iranian must  take this opportunity to develop imports of non –consumption  and  infrastructural goods between two countries.
"In 2012 the volume of business  exchange between two countries  was US $36.4 billion including  US $24.8  billion  of Iran 's exports to China ( oil and non-oil ) and US $11.6 billion  of imports from China" He announced.
"ICCCI efforts was focused on increasing  the non- oil exports and developing Chinese investment  through attending Chinese exhibitions and  investment forums " He noted.
President of ICCCI  pointed that there is a possibity to exhibit  Iranian  industrial goods  in some western Chinese Provinces which we are planning  about in ICCCI for near future.
"There is a vast market in China and despite of  International limits there are more possibilities for exports to China  and developing relations .According to statistics in the two beginning months of Iranian calendar the volume of exports & imports  between Iran and China increased to US$ 1709 million", He added.
"The present volume of Chinese investment  in Iran increasing for four times  has reached to US $ 600 million so it is necessary the two countries governments  to use their potentialities to develope the economic relations and to increase the Chinese investment in Iran", He noted.
Asgaroladi explaind that according to  Chinese government 12th economic plan to increase foreign investment ,motivating Chinese  enterprises  to enter Iran's market and offering  Iran investment opportunities  for Chinese  is the main  target in ICCCI.
Guo Chuanwei,Economic Counsellor  of Chinese Embassy in Iran  stated that  Iran and  China have a good  mutal cooperations  in  energy,civil construction ,electricity,mine and locomotive projects .
He continued," in 2012 Chinese GDP was about US $8300billion and the  volume of exports and imports increased  toUS$ 3870 billion" .
Economic Counsellor  of Chinese Embassy  said Chinese have invested  more than US $ 2 billion  in Iran .
Deputy  Director of Marketing and  Business Assistance Development announced China as   one of  the important trade partners and as the second export market in non-oil goods  and added  one of the goal of China Conference Table in TPO is to find methods to use the currency resources keeping in  Chinese banks to be used in imports and return back to Iran's market.
At the end of this meeting  the businessmen discussed  their problems in trade relation with China.

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