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North Khorasan Province

North Khorasan Province (Persian: استان خراسان شمالی‎, Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Shomālī ) is a province located in northeastern Iran. Bojnord is the centre of the province.
North Khorasan is one the three provinces that were created after the division of Khorasan in 2004.It has 7 townships,15 counties and 1000 villages.
Northern Khorasan province  covers more than 28179 square kilometers .it has 300 km common board with Turkmenistan and it is neighbor with Golestan ,Razavi and Semnan.It is located  between  twomountains  named ( Kape dägh) in north  and (Aladagh) snd (Shah jahan) in south and is the Northern  gate of khorasan.

Northern Khorasan province is one of the most diverse territories in Iran. Its population is  about 900000 persons. Kurds speaking Kurmanji makeup approximately 37% of the population, Persian speakers make up 29%, Khorasani Turks makeup 27% and Turkmenas makeup 5%, while the rest of the population is composed of Baluchs, Lurs and Arabs.
It is excellent in agriculture  because of cold moderate weather ,green and fresh heights and valleys,and fertile  lands.commercial capacities  is a good potential because of being neighborhood  with Turkmenstan.

Existence of hundreds of factories  and great and  small production units  in Northern Khorasan Khorasan  has benefits for investment in different fields.
In the early 1391 year, the rate of exports in North Khorasan province  for plastic , agricultural and construction products is about 135 million dollar and the rate of imports of the province is about  2 million dollar
This province contains many historical and natural attractions, such as mineral water springs, small lakes, recreational areas, caves and protected regions, and various hiking areas. Most of the historical relics are from the Qajar era, as earthquakes continue to ravage older relics.
The Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran lists 1,179 sites of historical and cultural significance in all three provinces of Khorasan.
Some of the popular attractions of North Khorasan are:
•    Sari Gol protected area,
•    Hasanabad, Ghaisar and Solak old castles,
•    Noshirvan and Ebadatgah caves,
•    Faghatdezh castle,
•    Tomb of Sheikh Ali Esfarayeni
•    Saloog Protected Area,
•    Besh Ghardash (five brothers) and Baba-Aman springs,
•    Bidag, Konegarm, Konjekooh, Armadloo and Seyed Sadegh caves,
•    Mofakham mirror house (image), built during the Qajar era
•    Baba Tavakol mausoleum,
•    Imamzadeh Sultan Seyed Abbas
•    Salook Protected Area
•    Bazkhaneh valley
•    Ayyub mineral water spring
•    Ruwin village