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Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province (Persian: استان کهگیلویه و بویراحمد‎, Ostān-e Kohgīrūye-o Būyer-Ahmad ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the south-west of the country, and its capital is Yasuj. The province covers an area of 15,563 square kilometers,
The province is mostly mountainous in terrain, part of the Zagros range. The highest point is the Dena summit with a height of 4,409 meters.
The mountain range of Dena, with more than 20 elevations and over 4000 meters high above the sea level, is, in fact, the great Himalayas in miniature. The mountain range, which is located in Kohgiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad province, is covered with oak forests. Natural springs, singing of the birds, and fresh air fascinate all lovers of nature.
Population of the Province was 697,473 of which 48/7 % were urban dwellers and 51/3 % rural dwellers. The people mainly speak in Lurish language.
The economy of Yasuj capital of the province  is be based on the following local activities:
•    baskets
•    carpets/rugs
•    mosaic tiles
•    bricks
•    livestock feed
By 2014 a new refinery will be constructed by the private sector, at a cost of $2.2 billion. It will produce petrol, gasoil, kerosene, furnace oil, liquefied gas, asphalt, and sulfur

During spring and summer the beautiful landscape of Dena peak with its green slopes and the fragrance of the wild flowers are very fascinating and calming for every visitor. Having passed by Cheshmeh Mishi we get to "Kooh Gol" area. There are numerous springs, lush flora and unique sceneries with the snow-capped mountain which make a worth-visiting tourist attraction. "Kooh Gol" lake is located in this area. The surroundings of the lake are abundant with anemone and wild flowers and also garden thyme which turn the whole mountains to a fragrant and sweet smelling spot. Migrating and indigenous birds create a very eye-catching view in summer.
Kohgilooye va Boyer Ahmad province has numerous villages which are suitable places to attract tourists and lovers of historical customs and traditional life styles. To name some of the villages we can mention "Dishmook", "Sepidar", "Shahniz", and "Kamrdoo".
Another natural attraction of the province is a garden called "Cheshme-ye- Belqeys", two kilometers from "Cheram" town and 15 kilometers from "Dehdasht" city. Due to the fertile soil, there are various species of trees and flowers in this garden. This garden has several springs. The water gushing from these springs flows into a large pool. The existence of trees and flowers and the mellifluous chirping of birds together with the pleasant weather create a marvelous landscape for every visitor.

Other attractions of Kohgilooye va Boyer Ahmad are its caves. Some of the famous caves of the province are "Nool", "Abkenari", "Pirzan", "Kabootar", "Gabr", "Shah Bahram", and so on. Nool cave is located on Kooh Gol Mountain, 20 kilometers from Si Sakht. This cave is 80 meters long and it is very important due to its geological values. The walls and the ceiling are from lime-stone. On numerous spots of the cave one can see water gushing from the springs of the ground. Shah Bahram cave with a length of 200 meters is located by the ruins of the ancient city of "Shah Bahram" in the north of Gachsaran. Evidence indicates that this cave belongs to the period of Ashkanian dynasty.
The protected zone of "Kooh Khiz va Sorkh" is a mountainous region with an area of more than 32000 hectares. Part of the region is located in "Khuzestan" province. The flora of the zone include oak, mountain almond, lotus, hawthorn, licorice, wild fig, ash tree, rhubarb, goat's- thorn, hollyhock, camel's-thorn, tuberose, prickly artichoke, and so on. Speaking of the birds and the animals of the zone one can mention leopard, bear, wolf, boar, rabbit, jackal, falcon, owl, hoopoe, partridge, and tortoise.
"Kooh Edil" or Edil Mountain with an area of more than ten thousand hectares was also proclaimed as a protected zone in the year 1999. The slopes of this mountain enjoy a moderate Mediterranean climate. "Soolak" or "Sirook" mountain pass is also a protected zone. This area enjoys various flora and fauna. There are three tall stone pillars in this area with some carvings on them. According to experts these carvings can be compared with those of "Takht-e-Jamshid." These carvings are considered as valuable tourist attractions.