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Markazi Province

Markazi Province
Markazi Province (Persian: استان مرکزی‎, Ostān-e Markazi ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. The word markazi means central in Persian.[citation needed]
Markazi lies in western Iran. Its capital is Arak. Its population is estimated at 1.35 million. The present borders of the province date to the 1980s, when the province was split into the current Markazi and the Tehran Province, with portions being annexed by Esfahan, Semnan Province, and Zanjan.
The major cities of the province are: Saveh, Arak, Mahallat, Zarandiyeh, Khomein, Delijan, Tafresh, Ashtian, and Shazand (previously known as Sarband)


Markazi Province is 29,130 square kilometers that the total area of the country  is about 1/8percent.The current cities of Markazi province are: Ashtiyan,Arak,Tafresh,KHomeyn,Delijan,Zarandiye,Save,Shazand,Kamijan and Mahalat.
Unevenness of this province concludes parts of Markazi Mountains and domestic Zagros Mountains .Rasvand Mountains are located in the southern part of the province. Markazi province has semi-desert climate, moderate mountains .Markazi province is on the effect of the high pressure in Markazi Asia, snowy weather, the pressures of the Indian Ocean along With the dust storms that is in the region and the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea with the humidity and rain. Civilization points have existed before the Seleucids such as   the city " Korea "or, Karaj near current Arak .

This province had 1,351,257population that 68/97percent in urban areas and 31/02persent had lived in rural areas. Population growth rate is about 94% and its population density is 48 per/km2.

Most of the province agricultural section are wheat,barely, forage,oil seed, flower and plant,garden crops,bean,potato and onion.the province agriculture position is relatively desirable such that its principle products are as follows: 43785 tons red meat (5.58% of the country total production ) ,50670 tons white meat (4.39% of total production), 23283 tons eggs (3.55 of total production ), 273594 tons milk (4.1% of total) , 647 tons honey (2.26% of total).
Some products such as beans ,flower and plant ,pomegranate, grape  and pistachio are among the province exportation and economic crops.
Industries & Mines:
As a whole , the province is the country's top leader for flower and plant production, second leader for bean crops, third leader  for  pomegranate ,sixth leader  for  pistachio, fifth leader  for barely and thirteenth leader for wheat production.
In the Province there are about 5 millions livestock units half of which is related to light and small livestock and the other half comprises heavy livestock and among if 511 is devoted to heavy livestock and among if 511 is devoted to heavy livestock rearing industrial units with capacity of 50923 heads and 86 units for light livestock with capacity of 37120 heads. Additionally, 544 industrial units for poultry rearing with capacity of 10133238 heads are active in the province.
The number of the province active industrial unit is 2070 units in which 81838 persons are employed of equipment and machine manufacturer,metallic products,auto and driving force industries,chemical material and products,non- metallic mineral industries ,health and food industries  and situated in 29 towns,regions,poles and industrial areas. Additionally,there are 238 active mines in the province  which have attracted 2286 work force in the place,50 % of the mines are devoted to ornamental stone mines.There are 18 homogeneous industries associations, active in the province industry and Mine section.
Export :
Markazi province is one of the seven leader provinces for non-oil goods exportation and has the second leading position in the exportation of technical and engineering services.
The Province customs (Arak and Saveh) and the Markazi province Exchange Hall are among centers which pave the way for foreign and home business development services in the province.    
In the province there are 42000 tradind unions in 233 associations and unions which have attracted 67000 active employees.

Historic Complex of Arak bazaar
Historic Monument of Four Season Bath: The bath is referred to Qajar era and is used for maintenance of ancient and old objects and documents. At present, more than thousand pieces of ancient objects such as weapon, coin, ceramic dishes, living and hunting appliances and fossils of second and third millennium before Christ and after Islam are kept in this treasury, a valuable heritage which is a sample of Iranian ancient architecture.
Historic Monument of Sepahdari School
Zolfabad Underground City
Pir Moradabad Historic Monument
Saroogh Anjedan Village
Emamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein (Hossein Prince Shrine)
Shahzadeh Mohammad Abed Tomb
Barzuye Rahgard Fire Temple
Caravanserai Historic Monument
Emamzadeh Ebrahim
Emamzadeh Hava Khatoon
72-Martyrs Emamzadeh of Saroogh