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Alborz Province

Alborz Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran and was formed by division of Tehran Province into two provinces, after the Parliamentary approval on June 23, 2010.
Situated northwest of Tehran, the Province of Alborz has 4 counties, Karaj, Savojbolagh, Taleghan and Nazarabad. Karaj is the seat of the province. Alborz Province  is situated 20 km west of Tehran, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains, and covering 5800 square meters  is Iran's smallest province in area.
This province has the shared border with Mazendaran in the North and with Ghazvin and Tehran and Markazi provinces respectively from west, east and east south and west south.


Karaj  population is approximately   2 500 000 living in the Alborz mountain range . The population of this city has been 2322047 people calculated by the statistics center of Iran in 2010


Being near to the capital has prepared the investment opportunities in diverse economical sectors for the domestic and foreign investors.
-     The nearest economical special zone ,Being in vicinity of the Tehran – Karaj Metro and being in cross route of five economical provinces of Iran .
-     Existence of suitable climate condition such as plenty of water
Enjoyment of all suitable substructure possibilities
The Payam economical special zone and international Payam airport are in this province and it enjoys having customs, private visa bank and plant quarantine.
Industries and mines
Industries and mine capabilities of the Aborz province
Aborz province contains about %13 of the country’s industries that this shows the high industrial capabilities of this province. At the moment .there are 2400 industrial factories being active in the 5 industrial towns in this province causing this province to be one of the country’s industrial poles.
Existence of nine governmental and private industrial towns in the province.
- This province is the industrial pole for manufacturing of components
- Existence of kinds of sands mines in the province
- Existence of suitable span for creating the drug town to put the drug industries into operation.
The agriculture capabilities of the Alborz province

Aborz province, due to the agriculture capabilities is considered one of the important poles of the country’s agriculture. At the moment %80 of the vegetables and truck farming and %60 of the fruit is exported through this province and in fact this province has an important share in country agriculture production and from total farming land of this province something around 48954 acre are under cultivation of farming production and 25950 acre of the land is under the cultivation of garden production and 213 acre of land is under the cultivation of green house production
From total farming lands of this province something around 48954 acres are under cultivation of farming and 25950 acres under the garden production and 213 acres of land under the greenhouse productions
Being in the center of agriculture market (Bazar) of the country
Being first in production of tomato, plum and tulip flower
Being second in production of pear, peach, cherry, eatable mushroom and nectarine.
The existing of leading training and research center of agriculture of the country in this province.
The installation of first center of vegetable and truck farming seed improvement
Alborz province dubbed as small Iran has the several natural and historical attractions. Through 400 cultural, natural and historical places something about 140 places of which are listed as the national places which are registered . Due to suitable soil and climate and being near the capital, it has become one of the main roads. The fresh air and virgin landscape and beautiful spaces of mountainous villages cause to be host of the foreign and Iranian guests annually.
•    Sienery Chalous  Road, beautiful touring road of the world
•    The touring regions of the Asara , Taleghan , Berghan and Atashgah
•    The existence of kinds of historical and archeological places in the Province
•    Dizin ski Track
•    Historic and elegant village of Varde
•    Soleymanieh  palace
•    Shams Palace


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