News & Reports News Year 2012 December 2012 Chinese MP: Beijing Welcomes Expansion of All-out Ties with Tehran

Chinese MP: Beijing Welcomes Expansion of All-out Ties with Tehran

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Chinese lawmaker described Iran as China's second largest trade partner in the Middle East, and reiterated that Beijing attaches great importance to the further expansion of economic, political and industrial ties with Tehran.

"China welcomes the expansion of all-out mutual cooperation with Iran in different spheres," Vice-Chairman of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Bai Lichen, said in a meeting with Head of Iran-China Parliamentary Friendship Group Hassan Sobhaninia in Tehran on Sunday.

Bai Lichen further termed Iran as China's second largest economic and trade partner in the Middle East, and called on the two countries to utilize their "vast potentials and opportunities" to raise the volume of trade exchanges and develop "friendly cooperation" in favor of the interests of the two nations.

Sobhaninia, for his part, referred to the friendly relations between Iran and China, and said, "The will of the two countries for the development of all-out mutual friendly cooperation has created a clear and bright perspective for the two states' bilateral ties."

He also voiced satisfaction with the increasing growth of trade exchanges between the two countries, and said Iran and China enjoy vast potentials and possibilities for the further promotion of mutual cooperation in tourism, energy, road and railroad construction and joint investment in technological and industrial fields.

Trade between the two countries in the past year was estimated at $45 billion.

China, like Russia, has consistently opposed the US pressures on Iran and the West's economic sanctions imposed on the Iranian financial sector and petroleum products.

China has refused to comply with US requests to decrease oil imports from Iran and instead has increased its trade with the country.

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