News & Reports News Year 2012 October 2012 Introduction Meeting of Guo Chuanwei, Commercial Counsellor of Chinese Embassy with ICCCI members

Introduction Meeting of Guo Chuanwei, Commercial Counsellor of Chinese Embassy with ICCCI members

Commercial  Counsellor  of Chinese Embassy  met ICCCI  members  on 2nd  , Oct , 2012 on the purpose of hearing  Iranian Traders' Problems  regarding business relation with China.
Asgaroladi  President of  ICCCI  referring to current problems Iranian  enterprises  encountered hoped  the problems would be resolved  during  new cousllor's mission  in Iran  and he anticipitated  the volume of two countries trade  exchange  to be more than 70 billion dollars in following years.
President of ICCCI reiterated that Iranian have been always interested in developing relation with china and asked  Mr. Guo Chuanwei Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Chinese Embassy,  to apply his effort to help and support  both countries merchants and facilitate business affairs between two countries .
Guo Chuanwei announced  the  volume of exchanges  between Iran and China  has reaches  to 45.1  billion dollar in 2011  from  2.4 billion dollar in 2000, showing 20 times growth but this year because of current situation and some limitations shows a decrease of about 18 percent in trade exchanges.
Businessmen in this session  discussed  some of their problems including banking affairs such as opening LC, Getting  China visa problems, commercial disputes  with Chinese  enterprises  and arbitration , identification of Chinese  trade partners for reliance  to begin trustful cooperation, suggestion to establish a committee to exchange  information in the fields of transportation & transit,  Chinese goods identification & inspection, flight information ,etc.
Guo Chuanwei asked merchants  consider the trade partner they choosing and  try to  find trustable partners through  authentic  organizations and known events  & exhibitions.  
"using RMB  in transactions  is  implemented in only some national and governmental projects and  both governments have not yet  decided to use RMB  for private sector ",He said .
Majidreza Hariri,Vice president of ICCCI addressing Iranian enterprises emphasized on having contract and specifying  an official  arbitration references  even in small transactions.
Mrs.Mostofi ,Second Vice President of ICCCI asked Guo Chuanwei  to provide  a list of Chinese  financial  institutes and banks  which accepts Iran LCs.

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