News & Reports News Year 2012 September , 2012 Promotion of Business between Iran and Jilin Province

Promotion of Business between Iran and Jilin Province

Vice Governor  of Jilin province  as the head of a business delegation to Iran  consists of the representatives  of some  Jilin Enterprises met  ICCCI  on 15th of Sep. 2012  on the pupose of  developing  relation  and  to explore  Iran  investment  potentialities and capabilities to boost  mutual cooperation  particularly  with  Jilin enterprises.
” ICCCI was established and started its activity with only 200 members 11 years ago , up to now it  has received more  than 5900 members  who are active in  trade with Chinese  enterprises while the trade exchange volume  of two countries has been increased from US $ 3 billion to more than US $45 billion",  Mr. Hariri , Vice President of ICCCI said.
Chen Weigen, Vice Governor of Jilin Province  stated " the aim of visiting  Iran is to boost  and maintain economic cooperation and  it will be provided if we can obtain enough information about Iran's market , export and import potentialities and investment capabilities "
He continued Chinese enterprises do not have a  complete khowledge about Irans market and in the other hand most of Jilin enterprises are not still  known in Iran.
Chen Weigen emphasized the main role of ICCCI in providing  required information in  developing both countries' enterprises relation.
Referring Iran's developing economy,He reiterated that the developing relation can be effective in Iran's development and Jilin's enterprises  are also interested to invest  and enter Iran's market.
Hariri noted Iran as a secure country among China's Middle East  and Asian partners and Iranians are ready to have joint investment cooperation with Chinese companies  particularly those in Jilin province. He continued "Jilin is a developing province and in future it will be a high tech province and we hope to have more cooperatin with this area."  
He continued:"developing and maintaining both countries business relation  can be fulfilled provided that banking relations including currency transferring  to be facilitated   or  to find new methods such as  "barter" or "direct  exchange with RMB" .
Giving  a short introduction about Jilin, Chen Weigen hoped   that  the trade relation of this area with Iran would be increased through holding  and maintaining such meetings inorder to  recognize capabilities of both countries.