News & Reports News Year 2012 July, 2012 Second Forum of Iran- China Investment opportunities:

Second Forum of Iran- China Investment opportunities:

Two-day forum  of  Iran- China Investment opportunities was held in Beheshti University International Forum  with the purpose of  finding new opportunities for investment and increasing export  to china on  10-11th of  July 2012.
Trade &investment authorities , some universities professors and more than 400 entrepreneurs attended this event.
Dr. Mehdi  Safari , Embassador of Islamic Republic Of Iran in China , Safdel Deputy Minister  of  Industry, Mine & Trade as well as the  head of Iran Trade Promotion  Organization of Iran , Wang Liping, Economic & Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Peoples' Republic of China in Iran and  President of ICCCI  were the main lecturers  in the beginig of the forum.
Safari  giving an introduction to the China  after its economic revolution stated that in 2011 Chinese  investment  in Iran  has reached  to $655 million and it shows 400 percent growth.  In 2011 the  volume of china export & import has reached to respectively $1898 billion and $1743billion.
Iran strategy to China is based on the increase of Iran export  to China ,promotion of  Chinese investment  in Iran ,and attracting Chinese  tourists,as well as  achiving Self-sufficiency, employment growth and in general strengthening Iran's economy.
Iran's Ambassador to China  mentioning  the 9.2 percent growth rate of China GDP declared " China is world  and Middle East  economy's engine and  this country  has increased  its trade balance from positive $32 billion in 2004 to  positive $156 billion in 2011 by  arrangement & providing commercial infrastructures".
"In the first quarter of 1391 the volume of Iran's export of goods to China  was about $1 billion while the volume of its import of goods & services was about  $1/5 billion, He continued".
The president of ICCCI  said:" Iran- China  commercial relation  has developed  considerably since  open policy  of China's economy to the world  and after Islamic  Republic  of  Iran's revolution .
The volume of two countries's  exchanges  has increased  from $400 million in 1990 to $45 billion in 2011  and the trade balance  of Iran was permanently positive. He added " Iran is the second Chinese trade partner in the Middle East , West Asian and the third crude oil distributor to China  among other countries.

Asgaroladi  referring to the west debt crisis era  said China has a significant role in  confronting  negative effect of  the crisis  and added  China  has been always active in  many  Middle East  multilateral, mutual  treaties and  has signed  some  trade agreements  with  many countries, political and economic systems  from South America to the East Asia.
"As China  concerns  both export and import  inorder to achieve  a balance in  its macroeconomy  it has considered more about the import recently.China  is going to  increase  the import of high tech products ,key parts,inside shortage resources,and low energy consuming products to  reach  trade balance and to achive the volume of its imports to $8000 billion in future 5 years, so the present condition provides a suitable  opportunity for countries such as Iran  to develop export  to China  and  I advise Iranian  exporter  to take and consider this  beneficial opportunity  " He continued.
Asgaroladi believes inorder to promote two countries  cooperation with win-win  trade processing both governments  must concern more  to increase  private sector  contribution  in trade &  business exchanges.
Referring to this year naming as  the year of national manufacturing, Asgaroladi  advised the Iranian traders  and enterprises to  promote friendly cooperation  with Chinese  via  mutual investment, joint manufacturing and  finding third markets.
Wang  Liping, Economic & Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Peoples' Republic of China in Iran affirmed both countries trade relation and the interest of Chinese enterprises to cooperate   with Iran .
Hariri, Vice President of ICCCI emphasizing  the main role of China in  the world economy stated:"  In 2011 China GDP  shows  %9.2 growth and  the growth rate in the sectors of Industry, Services and Agreeculture  respectively were %47,%42, %11.China's export  relation to its import  shows% 109 and the relation of  its import to the export shows %91.8 growth in the same year", He continued.
Hariri  advised  Iranian traders :" concerning  the vast Chinese market and  the volume of its import Iranian enterprises must  consider more about the export of handicrafts and precious Iranian goods  such as carpets". He also recommended   traders to choose appropriate arbitration references  in  dealing  with Chinese  enterprises.