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Sanctions done away with

Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi says Tehran's measures have successfully countered the influence the West has been seeking over Iran's economy.
Speaking at an exports conference, Rahimi said Iranian officials have successfully located the possible channels to circumvent US-engineered sanctions since they were approved by the UN Security Council in June, ISNA reported Thursday.

Despite speculations that Iran's trade with Europe should shrink due to the sanctions, our transactions have increased in comparison with the last six months, he said.

"Europeans themselves create go-between companies to trade. That I mentioned France's [economic] collapse in case of halting Iran's imports was not bragging, because we account for 50 percent of France's car exports and in case of a 20-percent cut on our part, they will bite the dust," Rahimi explained.

The vice president said Europe's unilateral sanctions against Iran did not harm the country as the move reduced the Islamic Republic's 21-billion-dollar imports.

"We did not bow before them and in effect they boycotted themselves."

Rahimi further called on all exporters and associated officials to join hands to tackle the sanctions. "Today, we need to be coordinated and stand up to sanctions and fortunately the sanctions are done away with."