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IKCO to produce Diesel Samand in 2012

TEHRAN (ISNA)-The New Product Development Center of Iran Khodro is modifying IKCO diesel engine for Samand.
As soon as passing the required tests, Iran's first diesel car will enter into pre-production phase this year.
Javad Najmeddin, the IKCO CEO said, "The main activities on diesel engine project are being accomplished in IKCO Powertrain Company and qualified auto part and component producers have been singled out."
IKCO diesel engine meets Euro V standard requirements. This 1500cc engine produces 90 Kw of power. Its torque reaches 256 Nm and it sips only 5.2 liters of fuel per 100 Km. Due to the importance of providing proper fuel, Euro IV and V standard-approved fuel will be accordingly provided by Iran's Oil Ministry next year while the Ministry has participated in the design and development process of this engine.
IKCO intends to mass produce diesel passenger cars in less than two years. The company's diesel engine would be suitable for segment D cars like Samand, Soren and Dena.
Extensive changes have been made to Samand for the calibration of diesel engine. All parts and components will be replaced in engine and powertrain system, while IKCO powertrain company is to design a new transmission system to line up with the diesel engine.
So far, 23 sets of this diesel engine have been produced, three of which have been mounted on IKCO cars to pass required tests. The engine meets euro V standard requirements.

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