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Sony sued over PlayStation ID theft


Japan's electronics giant Sony is being sued in the US for negligence over the hacking of its PlayStation network, which could lead to the identity theft of millions of users.

On Wednesday, Sony was faced with several lawsuits in the US state of California for failing to take timely action regarding the identity theft row, AFP reported.

“We are currently working with law enforcement on this matter as well as a recognized technology security firm to conduct a complete investigation,” said Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold in a Thursday blog posted on the PlayStation website.

While no evidence proving that credit card information had also been among the data taken, Seybold said that the possibility cannot be ruled out completely.

A lawsuit filed by a PlayStation network user from the US state of Michigan has claimed that the security breach “resulted from Sony's failure to use reasonable care and maintain appropriate security procedures.”

Sony also stated that it had sent a message to its 77 million PlayStation users, warning them of a possible identity theft scheme. The lawsuits slammed Sony for informing users as late as April 26, when they reportedly discovered the hacking sometime between April 17 and 19.

The personal information of PlayStation network users include passwords, names, birthdates and other data which may be used as means to hack into online accounts and cause further identity theft complications.