Tehran University to Host Brain Mapping Symposium

The Third Iranian Symposium on Brain Mapping Updates (also known as ISBM 2019) will be held at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences on May 1-2.

Organized by the state-backed National Brain Mapping Laboratory, the symposium is aimed at presenting the most updated scientific information on brain mapping and showing Iran’s latest technological achievements in the field.

University students and graduates, along with specialists, will address the event. Researchers, experts, investors and practitioners will attend the symposium to exchange views and experiences in the field, the laboratory reported on its website Nbml.ir.

Specialized workshops and sideline meetings are also planned.

To present their findings at the event, researchers and students should submit their articles to the laboratory's website until April 30.

For more information about the event and free seat reservation, contact nbml.ir.

Brain mapping and its wide range of application in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive sciences have attracted many scholars and scientists across the world in recent years.

Iran has taken measures for promoting research and technological development over the past few years.