Establishing industrial border towns for export development on agenda

Mohammad Ali Aziz Mohammadi added at a news conference on Tuesday, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran has a common border with 15 countries, and the construction of joint border towns with the neighboring countries in terms of boosting and diversifying exports can play an important role.”

He added, 'Turkish investors are keen to improve their business relations with Iran, and the 30 billion-dollar target for trade between Iran and Turkey is in line with the protocols between the two countries.'

According to Aziz Mohammadi, the western borders of the two provinces of East and West Azarbaijan have been considered by Turkish businessmen, while some other merchants of this western neighbor of the country have built production units in the industrial city of Qazvin.

He described the construction of a joint border town with Afghans in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, which included as the plans of the organization, and said, 'We can use the capabilities of free and special economic zones in this regard.'