Over 5.5m tons of goods exported from Iran’s land borders

Hussein Motevali Habibi said the exports in the period showed a growth of 11% compared to the figure within the same period the year before.

Habibi added, 'This year, by the Mid-December, a total of 1,336,000 tons of oil and non-oil products were imported from the country's land borders, which shows a 14% decrease in imports from road borders compared to that in the same period last year.'

The official said the most active border along the country's road borders was Bazargan border with a 58 percent share in the import of goods, after which the borders of Khosravi and Mirjaveh with shares of eight and nine percent respectively in the total bulk.

The nine months of this year witnessed the largest number of passenger vehicles entering Dogharoun border with 32% and Sarv (west Azarbaijan) with 22%, with the highest outbound commute were at the borders of Dogharoun was 31% and Sarv with 20%, he said on the statistics relating to the transit of vehicles at the borders of the country.