News & Reports News Year 2011 January , 2011 'Iranian firms protected in Afghanistan'

'Iranian firms protected in Afghanistan'

Afghanistan's Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Ismail Khan says his country is responsible to provide security for Iranian firms who are active in Afghanistan.

Ismail Khan made the remarks at a press briefing at the end of the first day of a tripartite meeting between Iranian, Afghan and Tajik energy ministers in Tehran on Sunday.

The Afghan minister reiterated that many Iranian companies are active in reconstruction projects in Afghanistan and the Afghan government is determined to provide security for them.

He said mutual understanding between the two states help them negotiate and resolve their problems.

“A large number of Iranian companies are active in the designing and construction of dams in Afghanistan and the very first dam that was constructed after the Afghan war was built by Iranians,” Ismail Khan said.

In addition to dam projects, Iranian companies are involved in developing power networks in various regions, including Kunduz in northeast Afghanistan, the Afghan official added.

Iran has played an active role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan since the US-led invasion of the country in 2001.

Iran's contributions and financial assistance to the war-torn state has been significant, making the country one of the largest donor states to Afghanistan.

In addition to massive reconstruction contributions, the Islamic Republic has cooperated with the Afghan government in building roads and rail lines to increase cross-border transportation.

In their three-day-meeting in Tehran, the energy ministers of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan intend to review ways to expand trilateral relations in various sectors.