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Iran to expand water ties with neighbors


Iran's energy minister says important issues regarding water resources and common values among Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan demand the establishment of a tripartite committee in water sector.

Addressing the trilateral meeting of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan's energy ministers in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Monday, Majid Namjou said disciplinary systems and suitable regulations on water management in the three states are among important issues that this tripartite committee can follow up.

Namjou reiterated that the trio's successful experiences served as a basis for the Tehran meeting and that the common religion, culture and language shared by the three countries make it necessary to exploit their existing potentials.

Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan have had considerable achievements in issues related to climate change, but they need to seriously pursue matters such as flood and drought and other issues surrounding climate changes, the Iranian energy minister opined.

Namjou went on to say that issues discussed during the current meeting of the three energy ministers would serve as a good basis for their next meeting to be held in April 2011 in Tehran.

The Iranian, Afghan and Tajik energy ministers are currently holding a three-day summit in the Iranian capital that began on December 26 in an effort to review ways to expand trilateral cooperation in various energy fields