Fars Province exports over 193,000 tons of goods in 7 months

Khodadad Rahimi added, “Among the exported goods of Fars province during the 7-month period, urea was exported with 58% rise in terms of weight and 67% in terms of value in the same period last year due to its good quality and marketing by traders of Fars province, especially in the south of the Persian Gulf.

He continued, “The province's export commodities, which include dairy products, tomato paste, extracts and licorice powder, urea, dates, cement, ceramic tiles, wheat flour and carpets, were exported mainly to Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Germany, Kuwait, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia.'

Rahimi added that the total amount of goods exported from Fars province in 2017 amounted to more than 200,000 tons of goods worth $248 million, adding that the goods were mostly exported to Germany, Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Director General of Fars Province Customs said the largest volume of goods exported in 2017 would be products such as dairy products, tomato paste, licorice powder, dates, urea, cement, fish, ceramic tiles, carpets and other flooring, and Iron and steel.