Maku Free Zone connected to rail network

Soleimani said the agreement was signed in presence of the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, the managing director of the Islamic Republic Railway Company and the directors of the organizations of the free zones of Maku and Aras.

He said according to Article 1 of the Law on the management of free zones and special economic zones, these organizations are responsible for the development of covered areas, and the development of rail transport is the key to the economic and social development of the areas.

He added, 'Expansion of exports, expansion of production and trade relations with the neighboring countries will be pursued by the organization and the connection of the region to the rail network of the country will play an important role in realizing the policies of the resistance economy.'

Emphasizing the impact of this memorandum on the national economy, he stated, 'If Maku Free Zone is connected to the rail network, the country will be linked to the railways and the world's roads in practice.

Soleimani, referring to the capacities of the region as one of the largest free zones in the world, said that in the past five years, significant development and infrastructure achievements in the areas of development of communication and airport facilities and convenient commercial infrastructure in the area came to existence.