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Iran – China (Yunnan) Green Agro-Products Promotion Meeting

The Meeting with Yunnan's Commercial Delegation led by Zhao Ruijin, Director General of Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province was held on August 4th. This meeting was held with the participation of ICCCI's member enterprises with the purpose of surveying the opportunities for cooperation on green agro-products.

Mr. Asgaroladi, President of ICCCI, expressed his optimism on the expansion of relations with China by the end of this year referring to the long-term relation between these two countries.

Mr. Mousavian, Director General of Asia & Pacific Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, noted that Iran is ready to export agro-products to Hong Kong, Macao and China. He added that Iran – China economic relation has been promoted. The volume of transaction between Iran and China only during the first half of the year reached over $20 million and it is expected to exceed $40 billion by the end of the year.

He said that cooperation with Chinese companies on producing Tea especially Green Tea and Rice is mutually beneficial. Our Chinese counterparts can help us to enter our agro-products into the big Chinese markets indluding Hong Kong, Macao and also our neighboring countries. The companies' attitude should be focused on joint venture partnerships to create production lines for the two countries, and to focus on exporting products to the third markets and meeting the needs of both markets.

Mr. Hariri, Vice President of ICCCI, said that we are ready to have more cooperation on joint venture and investment of Chinese businessman in the field of herbals and mainly agro-products. In the case our Chinese counterparts are willing to develop business in Iran and even in the West Asian region; they will have the opportunity to start cooperating with Iran in the field of Tea, Aromatic Plants, and Decorative Flowers.

He added that our country has a long history of producing tea, but our farms need technology and knowledge, and Chinese companies can invest in the technology of cultivating and harvesting agricultural products in Iran and in the region.

Zhao Ruijin, Director General of Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, said that the purpose of this trip was to examine the cooperation opportunities in the field of agro- products. Further he described about opportunities and capacities of Yunnan province and pointed out that the province is the pioneer of clean industry and in terms of using the light sources, it has the largest use of clean energy.

At the end of the meeting, during B2B session the enterprises from both side exchanged business cards.



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