East Azarbaijan exports $ 69m of agricultural crops

'Given to high capacity of foreign trade in provincial agricultural crops, necessary supports and facilitations to develop trade in such crops is necessary within the framework of commercial companies,' Head of East Azarbaijan Agricultural Jihad Organization Akbar Fathi said.

He called development of cultivation upon order depends on quality and quantity development of commercial and trade companies, and said that bilateral relations among commercial sector and production is necessary to create appropriate value added for agricultural crops.

When the aim is to boost export, increase in production and having strong commercial sector should receive more attention and in current situation by exit of the US from JCPOA and imposing new sanctions, it seems that exporters need a new marketing and presence in new exporting markets and success in those markets need pre-condition elements that the most important one is capability of competition for those crops.

East Azarbaijan province has 1.2 million hectares of agricultural lands which produce more than 5 million tons crops annually.

Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia Turkey and Egypt are among exporting countries for the provincial agricultural crops.